With AfyaServe, enjoy customized HMS Consulting services that focus on identifying and streamlining bottlenecks in your hospital facility management.

Every health center has different patient volumes and team sizes and we understand that your service needs and operational concerns are unique. We combine our management services expertise and cutting-edge technology to offer the HMS package that best fits your need.

Some health centers may require only certain modules of our HMS, while some require the entire gamut of hospital facility management services. Our solutions are flexible to make available individual modules or the comprehensive kit based on your facility needs.

Experts from our hospital management consultancy services assess your operations holistically and propose specific HMS solutions at every step of your practice.

Operational processes in a healthcare facility are time-sensitive, dynamic and unpredictable. Disruption of any process could lead to colossal repercussions involving patient care. Keeping this in mind, AfyaServe enables hassle-free HMS Implementation, with ongoing support at every stage of implementation.

Implementation of hospital management system is done stage-wise to ensure a smooth transition from the existing system. Our responsive HMS facilitates system integration with accuracy and speed, which are vital for healthcare practices. Risk of loss of critical data is eliminated by continuous data backup at every implementation phase.

Data accessibility is assured for relevant personnel even during transition with minimal operational interference. Additionally, measures for data security and privacy are adopted during HMS Implementation.

AfyaServe understands the nature of your service and renders end-to-end HMS integration with existing systems for all your functions – from patient visits to emergency response medical services. Our advanced HMS solutions can be deployed with minimal disruption of day-to-day services.

Individual packages such as patient appointment software can be utilized to transfer existing paper-based patient data to HMS Master. Likewise, all existing records – electronic medical records (EMR), store inventory, pharmacy stock, employee roster, workflow, human resource (HR) data, etc. – can be migrated and integrated to the new system seamlessly.

Our HMS integration features precise technology adaptation, continuous data migration monitoring and analysis, and critical-data backup to facilitate smooth and speedy integration for uninterrupted workflow.

AfyaServe maintains healthy relationships with its clients through interactions that transcend transactional levels. We guarantee dedicated HMS after sales support for our clients at any stage of operation. Once onboard, we are your go-to technology partner for all functions across locations or teams at any time.

HMS after sales support is also assured for scale up or down, system transfer, location changes, technology revisions, and other situations where support from our team may be required. We also extend support for quality audits and reviews for procurement of standard, relevant and globally-recognized certifications and legislations.

AfyaServe has an exclusive 24X7 HMS after sales support team that will be happy to resolve your queries or concerns.